What I do

I specialise in creating readable, usable copy both online and print.

I have written for many of the UK’s leading national newspapers including the Financial Times, The Independent and The Guardian. I’ve been a columnist for women’s magazines including Glamour and Woman’s Own, as well as authoring one book and ghostwriting two more.  Although I trained as old fashioned hack, I was one of the first journalists to go digital; along the way I’ve even helped launch a few financial news websites.

What I can offer

A straight-talking, non-nonsense approach approach to writing and editing copy. I believe in tight deadlines (where necessary) and strongly believe that ‘copy is king’. You can have legally water-tight copy that is compliant on all fronts, but if people can’t read it then why are you investing time in it.

I also work on communications strategy, press releases, social media campaigns, with the odd blog (I have ghostwritten some blogs) in the mix.


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